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Massive Operations over VirtueMart Orders

For any online merchant VirtueMart order is the most-desired thing. The more orders there are in the store, the happier is the owner, since it denotes that the shop is popular and good profit is earned. Though, increasing number of sales also brings more work for their management. So sooner or later there raises the need for more efficient means of handling operations related to orders management.

Store Manager for VirtueMart is designed to make the work of shop keeper easier by means of vast amount bulk data management possibilities built in the software.

Lets see what exactly procedures you can use to massively handle orders-related information:

Sort out your VirtueMart orders in the way you like

Imagine that client gives you a call and wants to check the details on his/her order. You cannot afford yourself to spend too much time on the lookup keeping the client on-hold or ask to call back, since you will lose your reputation and probably your clients. With Store Manager for VirtueMart you will always be able to quickly find the necessary order by order number, customer name, VirtueMart order status, date added and other details (relevant for store owner).

For the mentioned purpose serves the system of built-in filters. You can click on the headlines of columns in Orders section and sales will be placed in ascending or descending order. You can also use the small arrow next to column titles and check the boxes you need or use ready-made filter by date and put your criteria.

Massive operations over VM orders
Massive operations over VM orders

Export your VirtueMart orders to the file

You might need to have your orders visually represented in the file for accounting or other purposes. For that reason you can make use of export possibilities of Store Manager for VirtueMart. You will be able to bring information on your orders to the spreadsheets of Excel, XML, HTML or TXT formats and view or further edit them if needed.

Massive operations over VM orders
Massive operations over VM orders

Change VirtueMart order status massively

This feature will be useful for those people who gets the revenue from dozens of orders per day and spend too much time on manual change of sales status (and it is usually changing a few times from pending to delivered).

To modify needed orders, filter them out, then select and press the button “Change order status”.

From the drop-down choose new VirtueMart order status. Also you can leave some comments and send e-mail to the clients to notify them about the change of the status of their orders.This way you can “kill 2 birds with one stone”: reduce the time spent on the procedure and inform your clients using automatic emails when you change VirtueMart order status.

Allocate your efforts and resources to other store management activities rather than manual orders handling. Entrust the task to Store Manager for VirtueMart and enjoy instant results.

Download Store Manager right now and start work smarter, not harder. Examine more useful functionality the software is enriched with -


By Maria Kvasnytska

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