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How to Make VirtueMart Products Displayed for Particular Shopper Groups

Store proprietors resort to VirtueMart shopper groups to logically arrange customers that visit web shop. Normally, some people just drop in, hover over categories and look through products offered on purpose to buy them in the future or learn product characteristics. Other, contrariwise, intent to place an order. Decidedly, there are regular clients, who permanently purchase at VirtueMart store.

Logically, you will create different groups and assign customers to appropriate one. In such a way, you can segment clients, differentiate people who buy or visit and correspondingly assign, for example, specific product prices or shipping rules depending on business needs.

VirtueMart Shoppers&Groups
VirtueMart Shoppers&Groups

Oftentimes merchants want to display some of products for specific VirtueMart shopper group only. Suppose you have exclusive art works that are highly priced and you want them to be shown for particular customers. Store Manager for VirtueMart will help you grant customer access to merchandise. You can accomplish it either manually or indicate shopper group, products will be available for, in the file, being imported to VirtueMart.

Assign VirtueMart Shopper Group to Products Manually

You may resort to traditional method of customer group handling, in other words, associate customer group or several groups to merchandise manually. Do not forget that groups should be created first. Afterwards clients must be ascribed to definite group. Cutting a long story short, you are supposed to fulfil the following operations:

  1. If required shopper group has not been created, add it in corresponding section of Store Manager Store -> Shopper Groups

  2. VirtueMart Shoppers&Groups
    VirtueMart Shoppers&Groups

  3. Decide on the group customers will belong to. When you switch to Store -> Shoppers you will find all the clients listed. Notwithstanding you are about to create new shoppers or simply change group association for current one (ones), it is being done here. General Information tab of Edit customer window contains Shopper Groups field. When you press it, all accessible customer groups will appear in the dropdown. You just need to check box for target groups or if necessary assign several groups.

  4. VirtueMart Shoppers&Groups
    VirtueMart Shoppers&Groups

  5. When you put VirtueMart product into focus, its details are being displayed in several tabs of the lower grid. Shopper group field is disposed in General information tab. Expand the drop down and check box for desired shopper group or more than one group.

You can assign shopper group to numerous products with Mass Product Changer at one go.

Perform Import to VirtueMart

Product - VirtueMart shopper group association can be set in the process of product import from the file. Store Manager allows you to upload abundance of products with associated details, you may update existing merchandise or create new ones. In such a way, you can create new products and specify customer classes, these products will be displayed for and, if necessary, update shopper group relations for existing products.

What should you consider when importing to VirtueMart:

  1. VirtueMart import file

    To tie products to certain group or groups you must provide it (them) in separate file column, apart of other product associated information. On the screenshot provided below you can view sample file. Mostly products should be accessible for buyers that refer to several groups. They are provided in corresponding column and separated by delimiter (in this case pipe)

  2. VirtueMart Shoppers&Groups
    VirtueMart Shoppers&Groups

  3. VirtueMart import settings

    Data import will be successful if you specify accurate settings within the wizard. Consider import options step firstly. On this step you should decide on the import method, product identifier, category option, after import options, etc.

    VirtueMart Shoppers&Groups
    VirtueMart Shoppers&Groups

    Import file columns correspond to certain database fields and you are supposed to set correspondence within Link database fields to .csv file columns step. In case titles of columns do not coincide with VirtueMart database fields names, autolink option will not be efficient and you need to link fields manually.

  4. VirtueMart Shoppers&Groups
    VirtueMart Shoppers&Groups

To sum up, it should be said that Store Manager for VirtueMart caters for accurate shopper group management and helps store owners configure customer group access easily.

Download free trial version of Store Manager at virtuemart-manager.com/free

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