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How to Accurately Upload Data from CSV File to VirtueMart?

VirtueMart import from csv is essential to maintain up to date store catalog, incorporating vast amount of VirtueMart products and categories. It should run without a hitch, as the slightest inaccuracy may influence overall VirtueMart store content. For this very reason, dependable and fast data appending tool is becoming less of an option, but more of a need.

Uploading file to VirtueMart database you may renew items that are already included into VirtueMart product list or enrich it with new entities. It’s concise and convenient procedure when being undertaken via Store Manager for VirtueMart program. It has built-in medium, designed to enhance the process of data appending, called Import Wizard.

To fulfil VirtueMart import from csv in a worthwhile manner the following aspects should not be left unnoticed:

  • VirtueMart products import to database outcomes rest on csv file data organization. On condition that your aim is to add new items to VirtueMart, you have to ensure that necessary fields are filled with records - definitely you should specify products SKU, product name, price, category, quantity, stock status. While updating product information, you have to include product identifier (product name, ID, SKU) and field that should be renovated (e.g. product quantity, description, price)
  • If you need to upload images to VirtueMart it will not work once FTP connection is not set up. Establish connection in Preferences(F12)->FTP settings or on Import Options step of VirtueMart import from csv.
  • Import wizard utility offers you to run the import process using saved formerly data upload configuration or save current configuration
  • Not to mess things up and be able to retrieve VirtueMart database, you can fall back upon database backup option.

VirtueMart products appending will be seamlessly carried out with Import Wizard. Follow step-by-step directions outlined below to attain successful file import results and maintain data integrity.

  1. Launch the wizard tool from Store section of the application, products toolbar or context menu.
  2. VirtueMart import from csv
    VirtueMart import from csv
  3. Confirm starting the import process and press Next to continue.
  4. The following action demands the exigency of selecting the file for VirtueMart products to database appending. It might be the file, placed at your computer or that disposed at some remote location.
  5. VirtueMart import from csv
    VirtueMart import from csv
  6. The following step of data transfer requires you to define csv file settings - specify delimiters to separate records in the file and point out that the first file row includes field names but not values.
  7. VirtueMart import from csv
    VirtueMart import from csv
  8. Further actions are connected to VirtueMart import from csv options opting for. General VirtueMart products import option include defining the import method (add only, modify only, add and modify, just add), product and parent product identifier defining, multiple values separator and custom fields options indicating. Also you have to figure out import price method and category identification method, so that Store Manager will make out the category, products should be located in.
  9. VirtueMart import from csv
    VirtueMart import from csv
  10. Consecutive procedure you are to go through is mapping each column of csv file to suitable VirtueMart database field. In other words, you have to determine association between every column of the spreadsheet and corresponding database field, so that information will be appended to appropriate place. In case some values are missed in the file or incorrect values are indicated you can sort out the situation using Expressions and insert required values on the fly.
  11. VirtueMart import from csv
    VirtueMart import from csv
  12. On Preview Import step of VirtueMart products upload you can look through potential outcomes and make sure data import settings were configured in a suitable manner. Note, on this step you are allowed to save import configuration. To commence on data transfer to VirtueMart database press Import button.
  13. VirtueMart import from csv
    VirtueMart import from csv
  14. At the last step of data transfer you can view the statistics, demonstrating results - entities modified or added to VirtueMart product list. Press Ok button to shut the window down.

Store Manager for VirtueMart guarantees accuracy and consistency of data transfer to VirtueMart store database. Add new items to VirtueMart product list, alter disposed previously goods, upload images, etc at lightning speed with robust import functionality. Find details on Store manager functional capabilities - http://virtuemart-manager.com

By Ira Svedovetska

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