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Built-In Simple and Advanced VirtueMart Product Filters

The more entities you already have or just planning to append to your VirtueMart catalog, the more difficult it becomes/ will become to find the necessary item form the abundance of goods listed. Therefore, to cope with growing products collection you should also think about proper VirtueMart product filter tool, which will make product search less complicated.

Store Manager for VirtueMart offers its users unique possibility to group your VirtueMart products and narrow the search. This way you can avoid surfing through the catalog page after page trying to find exactly the product(s) necessary.

Filtering system of Store Manager allows you to make use of the number of built-in simple and advanced custom VirtueMart product filters.

Simple VirtueMart product filters

The easiest way to sort out your products using Store Manager is to choose ready-made VirtueMart filter for products from the drop-down placed on the toolbar. You can separate out the products from the whole catalog on the basis of one among three criteria listed: show all products, reflect only the entities from chosen category or display products that are not assigned to any category.

VirTueMart product filters
VirTueMart product filters

Another way to narrow the search of items from VirtueMart catalog is to click on rows headings to re-order the data listed either in alphabetical order (text values) or from smaller to bigger number (numerical value) or vice versa.

VirTueMart product filters
VirTueMart product filters

Furthermore, you can call for certain products on the basis of one or more particular value or condition (a couple at the same time can be used). For that click small arrow next to any column title and you will see the drop-down with available boxes to select. Mark check-boxes (one or more) that correspond to your requirements. For example, you need to VirtueMart filter products out in the way that only the entities with final price $89 and $99 will be shown.

VirTueMart product filters
VirTueMart product filters

As soon as the filter will be applied you will see it at the bottom of the page. If you press “Customize” button you will be able to manage the filters set by you. To reset the filter and return to the VirtueMart catalog simply close the filter.

Advanced VirtueMart filter of products

You can also customize VirtueMart filter option and create your own specifications for product lookup. Fully customized up to your requirements filters can generally be applied basically to any column with product details available. For example, you have a huge variety of items but you need to work for now only with those, price of which is less than 100$, but more than 50%. In this case you need to go to Price column, click small arrow next to the row heading and from the drop-down select “Custom”. The window will appear and there you can set conditions of search (drop-downs with offered options and place for setting values depending on those options).

VirTueMart product filters
VirTueMart product filters

Moreover, in case you have found the necessary items and would like further to have fast access to them without going through search procedure each time you need to find the same goods (if you are working with the same products often), you can create your own VirtueMart filter of products which will be applied to built-in filters available on the toolbar.

To achieve that you can press either “Find product” button or the one to create filter.

VirTueMart product filters
VirTueMart product filters

Next new window will appear where you need to set condition (word or any value using which the products can be found) and indicate in which fields the application should look for the mentioned request.

VirTueMart product filters
VirTueMart product filters

After you press “Find” and get the results, you can click on “Create filter” and this search request will be added to the filters on the toolbar. For example, it was used the word “VirtueMart” as the criterion to filter products, thus, you will be able to find the filter with the name that matches this request at the toolbar.

VirTueMart product filters
VirTueMart product filters

Store Manager for VirtueMart offers you wide range of filtration and search resources, allowing you to narrow item lookup at the same time reducing time and efforts spent on the procedure.

You won’t get lost at VirtueMart catalog that contains hundreds, thousands and even millions of entities if such powerful assistance as Store Manager is by your side. Try out Store Manager for VirtueMart and you won’t have any troubles working with huge data sets -


By Maria Kvasnytska

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