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8 AM - 7 PM (GMT) / 3 AM - 2 PM (EST)
8 AM - 7 PM (GMT) / 3 AM - 2 PM (EST)
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Store Manager for VirtueMart gives you an intuitive and quick access to online store data and automates routine tasks like add, edit, delete products, categories, manufactures, etc.This great helper will save you 2 and more hours each day by automating and simplifying your day-to-day operations.
With Store Manager for VirtueMart you get:
  • a useful tool to manage categories, products, product attributes, manufacturers and suppliers;
  • convenient customers and orders manager;
  • user-friendly Import/Export Wizard for categories and products;
  • a perfect tool for bulk product management;
  • advanced sales and marketing reports;
  • additonal addons, that will help you to integrate your Store Manager with QuickBooksICECat, setupAutomated Product Import or manage shipping much easier with VirtueMart Shipping Integrationaddon;