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8 AM - 7 PM (GMT) / 3 AM - 2 PM (EST)
8 AM - 7 PM (GMT) / 3 AM - 2 PM (EST)

Discover the Latest Updates of Store Manager for VirtueMart

In the new release of Store Manager for VirtueMart v. we have made some useful improvements.

Check out these new enhancements that allow you to make your work with VirtueMart store more convenient!


  • Possibility to edit VirtueMart orders has been added to Store Manager.

  • New order notifications will display in Store Manager if order is created at the store.


  1. Multiple images can now be uploaded to a product at once.

  2. VirtueMart child product can now be cloned along with main product.
  3. Possibility to cancel all approved actions pressing "Escape" button has been added.
  4. eBay Integration Addon enhancements have been implemented.
    • Login page interface has been redesigned

    • Item specifics representation has been changed
    • Scheduled tasks for product export to eBay and their synchronization can now be added in Store Manager
  5. GTIN and MPN field values are now transmitted to Amazon Integration Addon.


  • Access Violation appeared if user closed down the application (for VirtueMart version 3.0.9 and newer). The issue has been fixed in this version of Store Manager for VirtueMart.
  • Previously there occurred issue with price regeneration triggered by Multi Variant form close. The problem has been fixed in this release of Store Manager application.
  • If some VirtueMart product had Custom Field of Multi Variant type, Ramification records were not saved in the grid. The problem has been fixed.
  • "Description" field did not display in "Custom Fields" grid. The problem has been eliminated and this field now shows in the grid.
  • Incorrect price calculation in Mass Product Changer has been fixed.
  • "After Import Actions" SQL did not perform previously. The inconvenience has been eliminated and now it works correctly.