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Discover the Latest Updates of Store Manager for VirtueMart Version Commercial Version

In the new release of Store Manager for VirtueMart we have made a lot of useful improvements and corrections.

Check out these new enhancements that allow you to make your work with VirtueMart store more convenient!

See more details about purchase Store Manager for VirtueMart

Available for purchase!

Get a commercial version of Store Manager for special price - $ 148!

New Features:

- Mass Product Changer feature has been added to Store Manager. Mass Product Changer was designed to automate and improve mass operations over multiple products at once;

- Accounting softwares support has been added. Now you can work with QuickBooks and PeachTree (2009,2010,2011-2012,2013) in demo-mode as well as purchase full version of Addons;

- eBay Export Addon and ICEcat Product Catalogue Integration Addon are available for purchase.


- Products representation has been optimized.